I was born in Tucson Arizona on June 19th 1967

My family moved to New Haven Indiana when I was 4yrs old & I grew up there.

I moved back to Tucson AZ in November 2007 to work for the College of Sonship with Doctor Kirk Anthony & attend the College of Sonship. In 2011 I met my wife and a year later I moved to Japan with her.

In 1984 I had a three year Apprenticeship at the Fort Wayne IN Summit Club with Master Chef Christian Frappier from the Cordon Blue cookie school in France. I stayed working for him 10 yrs altogether even after I worked as a nutritionist & Machinist.

In 1990 I worked as a nutritionist at Lutheran Hospital for 1 yr.

In 1991 I left Lutheran Hospital to work with my brother in the UAW as a machinist until 1999. I was elected UAW Chairman/ Safety Chairman in 1995 and went to Walter & Mary Ruether Center leaderships classes in Black Lake MI.

In 1991 I met a Musician at the UAW & he helped me gain entrance into the Music Business & started my own Business ( About the Music).

In 1999 at the end of my elected position as UAW Chairman I left the UAW And my machinist position to run my company About the Music full time. I worked for Clear Channel, Piers’s Concert Venue, Spider Productions & others as a contractor. I have also worked some of the largest Venues and some of the most famous musical acts like Slash from Gun’s & Roses, Backstreet Boys, Chris Ledoux & many others.

In December 2002 I left the Music Business for God. He kept calling me and I gave in to His Will. So I moved back to Indiana and spent 3 months in the country with my best friend studying the Bible until I was running out of money.

In February of 2003 I found the only Job I could at the time because 911 the economy was very bad. I was selling Electrolux Vacuums door to door ( I was so embarrassed at the time it took me a hour to knock on my first door) God was teaching me humility and it was very painful to go from the big stage to knocking on doors!

I was doing so well after a while that the regional manager promoted me to Manager of the Livonia, MI branch of Electrolux and in 1&1/2yrs I bought that franchise with a business partner.

The economy in the Detroit MI area was very bad at the time and my business began to fail. So I bought an ice-cream truck business and it went very well but was only a seasonal business so I started working for Comcast business as a sub-contraction company. I was one of there top seller until 2007 when the government changed the cable laws & Comcast let my company go.

While I was in Michigan I attended different church’s and studied at their schools to be a minister and at a School of the Prophets where it was prophesied to me that I was a prophet. I also started a street ministry with other ministers where we would feed the Homeless and touch the souls of the people of Old Redford ( one of the worst areas of Detroit) Since I have left Michigan God has not had me in the church system. He spoke to me clearly and told me “ you shall call no other teacher accept that which is the Christ” Mathew 23:8 He told me I shall teach you. So I have refrained from attending a church and have studied on my own & graduated from the College of Sonship I also prayed & read His Word every day.

Since moving back to Tucson I have worked for a non for profit selling Script ( A substitute for money) I have owned a Spa with a partner and created a Caregiving Business that has been my ministry.

I know reside in Gojo City Japan & own a American/Mexican Restaurant and do parties. I have also work with a group of loving citizens of Gojo City to do parties and functions to help and promote the future of the city.

I am looking forward to this new chapter of working with the College of Sonship & learning under the tutelage of Doctor Kirk Anthony Ford & serving my Lord Jesus Christ . I also plan to go back to the College of Sonship and receive a Doctorate degree.